Frequently Asked Questions
Why do I need a Cheque Writing software?
Writing cheques manually not only waste time and it is not productive.
With a this software, not only you avoid those ugly handwriting and mistakes (matching the number and amount in words, or forgot striking-off bearer), you also save the hassle updating cheque butts and repeat the information writing out Payment Vouchers.
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Does it work on my existing printer?
Click here to find out.
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Why do I to engage OCi services to multiple PCs installation?
Click here to find out.
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What are my savings?
Firstly, you do not need to maintain another printing machine - this software works with your desktop printers.
Secondly, as you avoid those manual mistakes you also avoid those unnecessary bank charges.
Thirdly, you save lots of time doing repetitive work - preparing vouchers and summary reports.

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Can I trace historical payments and bank balance?
Sure! Every payments & receipts are recorded in the database. You can check the payee's name and details any time, and you don't have to wait till month end to know you bank balance.
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Do I need special cheque?
No just those ordinarily cheque book issued by the banks.
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Can I issue post dated cheques?
Simple, just overwrite the date (default to current) before hitting print.
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Can I import payment data from excel spreadsheet?
Yes, just alter the spreadsheet to the required format. Alternatively, you can also import those IAF generated by accounting software that comply to IRAS (Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore) Accounting Software Register.
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Can I installed in multiple PCs?
Yes, but you need adequate licensing to do so.
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Is software easy to use?
Our clients speaks for itself. If over 2000 Singapore companies are using it, you can manage it too.
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Can the OCi Cheque Writer do accounts?
In the first place, cheque payments is only a subset of the account payable. You cannot expect it to manage to whole accounts.
However, it is a good compliment too if you have an OCi Accounting software.
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Do you have any after sales support in Singapore?
Of course, we are local.
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Do you I need your technical assistance I do the bank setup?
No, the system come with a setup wizard.
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